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Just wanted to send you a quick update. Beatrice is doing wonderfully.
She is a show stopper and she knows it!!! She plays all day in bursts
of about two to three hours and then crashes! She has two speeds...
faster than a speeding bullet... and then dead to the world. Darling!

She plays with our other dog who has decided Beatrice is her special baby.
Our cat, Oops Kitty, is finally warming up. My daughter has nicknamed
Beatrice "Bee Sting" because of her sharp little tiny teeth. We all laugh
and laugh at her antics and she snugs and cuddles up at night and gives
the tiniest little kisses all over our nose and eyes.

I can't thank you enough for all that you have done.
I have taken her to the vet and he checked out
every inch of her. He was duly impressed with her breeding and is looking
forwarding to being her vet for many happy years to come. He loves Cavaliers.

Willie Aames & Maylo Upton



We wanted to let you know that our puppy "Mr.
Darcy" is doing really well. Despite his serious face in this
photo, he seems really happy and is getting lots of attention from my
daughters, and most especially, my husband - who loves this puppy!
Mr. Darcy has been really good, and he has started going to the door
when he wants to go out. My daughters are looking forward to when he
can go on a "real walk" and they can show him off.

Thanks for placing such a sweet puppy with us!

The Cowie Family
Washington, D.C.






Here is a picture of “Winston” and our daughter Margaret.
Winston is the most adorable and has quite the personality and spunk
(actually learned how to get out of his crate). He just came from the vet
and has doubled in size – up to 8.4 pounds.
We are having a blast with him. Thanks so much!

The Fritts Family



We wanted to let you know that Henry is doing great. He and my Lab puppy are quite good friends and want to spend all their time together. They will not even eat without the other one being around. Henry is just a sweetheart! Thank you for producing gorgeous puppies!

The Dendrinos




Just wanted to let you know that Beckham's first visit to the vet was a good one. My vet is in agreement with you on the vaccinations, so I feel really good about that. They all oohed and awhed over how cute Beckham is and marveled at his good health and appearance (his beautiful coat, clipped nails, clear eyes, ears... all of it). They had just seen another Cavalier bought from
a breeder in PA, and his new owner is already in debt $1900 for what inevitably will be chronic health problems. I feel so blessed to have found Cadeau Cavaliers
and so blessed to have Beckham!!

I can't tell you how much joy he has brought to my life! I took him over to my sister, Amy's in VA on Sunday, and they all fell in love with him. He had fun playing with her Chihuahua, Jazmine. And my two young nieces were fighting over who was going to take him outside for potty breaks... they couldn't get enough of him to say the least, and he was loving every moment of it.
Beckham knows his name already and comes when called and sits right in front of my wheelchair. Today, he was fetching one of his favorite toys, bringing it back to me and dropping it at my feet... he's so smart and so eager to please.
He's asleep in my lap as I'm sending this. I never knew I could love a dog this much...
he is the sweetest and cutest!
Thank you again for such a beautiful puppy!



It has already been one week with Penny and what a week it has been. The first day or two, Penny was more reserved and just sitting back, watching, and exploring. After day two, the true puppy in her came out and she hasn't stopped moving since. I cannot begin to explain how enjoyable and amusing Penny has been around the house and she has
everyone laughing every minute of the day.

She also loves every person and dog she meets and they definitely love her too! Anyone who meets her is floored by how cute she is. Penny is doing great when playing with Dory, my parent's lab. We watch the two of them together like hawks, but the dogs are wonderful together. There is nothing she likes more than exploring and
running around in the backyard with Dory.

Housetraining has been a breeze so far. Currently, she is going outside and using her litter box while in the house - what a smart pup! Eating has also not been a problem,
and she is doing great on Wellness puppy food.

I want to thank you for such an outgoing and entertaining puppy.
She was definitely worth the wait!

Thanks again,


We thought it was long overdue to give you an update on Winston, the Katie and Ivan tri boy born on Halloween. He's been here almost 7 months now and has been absolutely wonderful. Everyone who meets him falls in love! He's reliably housetrained and passed Puppy kindergarten with flying colors. We'll probably start advanced obedience and maybe beginner agility in the fall. He goes to daycare 4 days a week with his big sis (the GSD Kelsey)
and loves to play with dogs of all sizes... he's really a fearless little cavalier!

Thanks again for a beautiful puppy!

New York



Ella is settling in amazingly well.  She is just a bundle of joy.  My labs adore her!  
They are by her side every minute showing her the way to go.  
Im truly so grateful you let me have her. Thank you so much!!  
I have taken so many photos!!!  I will send them on when I get a chance
to download them.  She is amazing.  She LOVES her crate.
She eats when my labs eat.  [it was a little hard at first] because
she didn't really want to eat.  But when she realized that the food was taken up
if she didnt eat it, she soon learnt!  I feed her in her crate and she just
runs in there and smiles!!  I haven't had ONE accident in the house!!  
She just follows Lily & Harry when they go out and follows their lead!  
Amazing!!  Then she runs in, jumps on the sofa and waits for snuggles!  
And trust me.. she gets SO MANY of those!
Its a wonderful thing and Im so so happy. She did her first road trip
with me yesterday. I had to go to Vermont for a client and she did so well.  
She slept in her crate and we stopped a few times on the way.  Just precious!!  
I will keep you in the loop.  She is so funny too!!  
Her personality is adorable.  Many Thanks!!!
The Hyde Family
South Salem, NY



We've only had our new puppy one full day but I wanted to let you know that he is doing great! He had a good night sleep in his new crate last night. He slept from 9pm until 7am when the kids woke him up! He must have been so tired from all the excitement yesterday. He loves his crate -- we put a shoe box with a towel draped around it inside and he likes to sleep in that. He had more of a regular schedule today with lots of naps after plenty of play. He is doing great with the house training so far-- it doesnt help that it is raining though. He gets pretty wet going in the grass. He will need a bath soon! We decided to name him Snickers--it seems to suit him well!

We are hoping for a quiet night again tonight -- I will keep you posted with his progress. He really has a wonderful personality and already seems to have adjusted well to the change. The kids are doing great with him -- they all got lots of great tips from Victoria! It almost broke my heart when she was saying goodbye to him.
Thanks again for such a beautiful puppy!
The Criswell Family
Potomac, MD


Just wanted to send you a quick update on Fletch our Ruby baby! 
He is doing great!  He is happy and eating very well.  
He is sitting at the computer with me now :) 
He had a pretty good night, slept for about 5 hours and then for another 2. 
He loves to give kisses and is great at playing and then falling asleep. 
We both really love him and are having so much fun with him.
Thank you for all your help and such a sweet dog!
I will write again soon with more pics!
Bany-Assili Family
Gaithersburg, MD


I can't tell you how much we are enjoying the addition of Winifred to our family.
Everyone says she is cute, and of course, they are correct! She bounces around
like a little pixie during playtime, and she is very content to curl
up in a ball on our laps when she needs a nap.

Wellington, our three year old, is very pleased to play the older brother role.
He seems much more mature than before we brought Winifred home, but I think our
eyes are playing tricks on us. He loves to be in the same room with her, and she
eggs him on to play with her. He knows when he's had enough, though.
That's when he heads into his crate.

I have attached a picture of both of them. Wellington, as you can see, prefers a
profile pose, while Winifred gazes wistfully into the camera.

Thanks again for placing her with us, and we'll keep you up to date on her progress.

The Ulicny Family
Clarksburg, MD



We met your five-month old ruby named Brady who lives on Church Street.
He's liken it. Brady and Windsor played and played.

Here is a picture of service dog Windsor at a conference in Philadelphia (you can't really see his jacket but he is wearing it and his professional service dog expression). We were touring a model home with a dog decor theme. This spiffy gilded bed was part of the model. The conference was attended by newspaper editors from all over the country many of whom also snapped pictures of Windsor in this model. I would not be surprised to see Windsor's picture popping up in various newspapers.

The Farnsworth Family
Washington, D.C.



Judy and I wanted to send you a couple of pictures of Reagan.
As you can see, she has developed into a very beautiful Cavalier
(I suppose one could argue that all of them are beautiful).

We are very proud of her, not only for her beauty, but in her behavior.
She has been very easy to train and she has the cutest mannerisms. She is
extremely intelligent with all of the endearing charactericts of the breed.

As I type this brief note she has positioned herself so that she can rest
and watch where both Judy and I are at all times.
She really is an amazing little girl !!!

The Barker Family
Loudon, Tennessee



Its been nearly a year since we've had Bridgette.  As I type this note she is snuggled next to me with her chin on the laptop. I need to tell you, she is the most precious dog I've come into contact with. Honestly, this is the only type dog I will ever own now. I love my Lab, but the affection and adoration you get from a Cavalier is of no comparison. My boys fight over who gets to take her to bed at night, and my youngest usually wins! I had the painful experience of breaking my ankle last May and was couch ridden for 8 weeks. Bridgette never left my side. The best thing from that was that I found a new job where I can work from home 4-5 days per week, so now I never need to leave the dogs for more than a couple of hours at a time, and I try to take her with me when its not to cold. She always goes to the Hair Salon with me and gets sooo much attention from everyone! It won't be long before I come looking for another!!!

The Cook Family
Glastonbury, CT


It has been many moons since I communicated, but I wanted you to know that Daisy is doing wonderfully and is a much-loved addition to our family after 3 years. Our neighbors and friends marvel at how well trained she is, and we appropriately
take no credit for it whatsoever, as it is all your doing!!!

The Schertler Family
Washington, D.C.



Well, I've taken the plunge again and now have another child to take care of, to love,
to help me to laugh more, and to be a playmate and companion for Abby.

Maggie came home on this Wednesday and is 11 weeks old. Like her big 'sister' Abby, Maggie is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Unlike Abby, who is a Black & Tan, Maggie is a Blenheim
(White & Red). I think her markings are perfect for a Blenheim.

Well, here is little Maggie getting acquainted at home… and sleeping... Abby wasn't sure what to make of Maggie at first, but they are getting along just fine now. They are starting to play and run around together, but I think Abby still wonders who this puppy is that follows her around everywhere. I think they are going to be inseparable very soon.

The Johnson Family
Chevy Chase, MD


Our beautiful baby has a name, Tucker, which seems to suit him. You were right, he sat on a blanket on the seat all the way home. He seems essentially housetrained ...amazing! These little dogs are just so smart and so very eager to please. They are the best breed of dog there is I think. Even on awful days he goes outside like a trooper, seeming to prefer that
to a litter box (I think that will disappear soon).

He slept through the night without a whimper in a crate in my bedroom and now we are writing
a few emails, taking a shower and baking an apple tart, in that order.
Thank you so much for such a sweet puppy!
The Hanson Family
Perry Hall, MD


I wanted to let you know that I took Charlie over to my Mom's house on Sunday. Mom is 85 years old and is in the last stage of severe Alheizmer's. She does not react to much of anything or anyone these days. I put Charlie on her lap and he started kissing her all over her face. She started to laugh and laugh. After he had kissed her from forehead to chin, he curled up and went to sleep in her lap. She laughed as she hasn't in the last 6 months and we cried to see it. Charlie will be spending a lot of time with my Mom.

Thank you for such a beautiful little boy !!!

The Deck Family
Brookeville, MD



Cadeau puppies are AKC registered and are lovingly raised in our homes. Cadeau puppies are lovingly raised around children with lots of TLC which we feel is very important for a sound, winning start. Puppies go home between 9 and 12 weeks, once they are well socialized and almost housebroken.

Because we breed for correct breed type and health, we only have a few litters a year to improve our stock and to enable us to introduce a new puppy into our show team.

All our dogs are health cleared yearly by board-certified specialists to rule out heart and eye problems.

For puppy inquiries and to request our online questionnaire, which is the first step to our extensive screening process, please contact:

Melissa Gelfand
Laytonsville, Maryland, USA



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