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Serious inquiries contact us
Email: puppies@cadeaucavaliers.com
Phone: 301-330-4360



There Is So Much To Learn From Puppies...
Stop And Smell The Flowers!
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Blenheim Male ~ Ethan x Katie



Cadeau puppies are AKC registered and are lovingly raised in our homes. Cadeau puppies are lovingly raised around children with lots of TLC which we feel is very important for a sound, winning start. Puppies go home between 9 and 12 weeks, once they are well socialized and almost housebroken.

Because we breed for correct breed type and health, we only have a few litters a year to improve our stock and to enable us to introduce a new puppy into our show team.

All our dogs are health cleared yearly by board-certified specialists to rule out heart and eye problems.


 Beautiful wholecolor puppies
(Black & Tan and Ruby)


For serious Cavalier puppy inquiries, please feel free to contact us

Email: puppies@cadeaucavaliers.com
Phone: 301-330-4360

Please note that all pets are sold on spay/neuter agreements so that only those dogs who we feel possess the finest of qualities will be shown and used for breeding to help further improve our line:

Melissa Gelfand
Laytonsville, Maryland, USA
Email: mgelfand7@yahoo.com


 Beautiful Particolor Puppies
(Tricolor and Blenheim)


Please do not buy your puppy from a pet shop or broker as nearly ALL puppies come from a Puppy Mill where adults live in cages every minute of their lives, are treated only as livestock and are breeding machines, are not tested for any inherited genetic defects, and neither adults or puppies are properly socialized. Buy only from reputable breeders who are breeding to improve the health and quality of their dogs and who care about the welfare of the dog.

Before buying a Cavalier Spaniel, learn why NOT to buy from a back yard breeder, broker, importer, puppy mill or pet store-



Hope UK - The Puppy Farm Capital, Ireland



Our philosophy of breeding is to linebreed with the occasional outcross. The following is a quick and simple explanation of linebreeding vs. outcrossing and why we follow this type of philosophy within our breeding program:

Linebreeding is mating two closely-related dogs to the same ancestor but are little, if at all, related to each other through any other ancestors. With linebreeding, the degree of relationship is less intense than in inbreeding and is usually directed towards keeping the offspring related to some highly prized ancestor. The degree of relationship is not closer than half-brother, half-sister matings, or cousin matings. Linebreeding is practiced to conserve desirable traits of a sire and dam and is a method used to improve upon and to try to eliminate structural and health problems. We like to breed together dogs that have a well bred superior common ancestor who has attributes that we are attempting to reproduce and improve upon in our offspring. It is easier to predict the result of a breeding by linebreeding than to expect results that have no genetic reasons. If the selection of the ancestors have been good, it can be expected almost no surprise. Judicious linebreedings have shown, in all breeds, an important and real improvement. The quickest and most certain way to produce superior dogs is by careful linebreeding.

With Outcrossing, there is no blood-related connection. After some generations of linebreeding, it is time for us to outcross. Then, after an outcross has been made, we like to breed right back into the original strain. It is the reason why we must go back, after an outcross, into our established line, to perpetuate the "good" brought by the outcross. This is the only safe procedure after the purpose of the outcross has been achieved because when we outcross, we can lose the type we have worked so hard and long to achieve. This system can bring qualities we feel we need or can correct a fault we have not been able to eliminate. It is extremely important for us to know the ancestors of this dog and what they can bring, and we introduce new blood only if the dog used can bring something needed into our program and if we have already linebred several times.

Some people say that outcross can bring vigor, but linebreeding, when very carefully planned, has the same result. It is our goal as a breeder to hold the qualities we have obtained with the new blood by returning to the linebreeding with the progeny and do the same to eliminate the bad traits brought by the outcross.

As a side note, it is interesting to note that the origin of linebreeding is recorded in the Bible. Chapters one and two of Genesis tell of the creation of Adam and Eve and God's command for them to be fruitful and populate the earth. Therefore the sons of Adam and Eve would have taken their sisters, the daughters of Adam and Eve, as wives. The resulting third generation would have been double grandsons and granddaughters of Adam and Eve. Therefore, the third generation of the race would carry the same relationship to Adam and Eve as the second generation as each would carry 50% of the genes of Adam and 50% of the genes of Eve. All succeeding generations would carry the same concentration of the genes of Adam and Eve.





DISCLAIMER:  We have come to enjoy a very cherished reputation for wonderful pets as well as outstanding and successful show puppies.  Our litters are usually reserved before they are born.  It has come to our attention through other reputable breeders that buyers are making a deposit but do not consider it to be a firm commitment and they continue shopping until they find a puppy quicker or at a lower price and then request a deposit refund.  Please note that once we accept a deposit, we consider that a puppy has been sold (whether on the ground or as part of our short wait list for an upcoming litter).  If we accept a deposit from you, you have our commitment that there will be a puppy for you.  Therefore, we consider acceptance of a deposit a firm commitment to our buyers.  So, it is here that we would like to remind our puppy buyers that every deposit received is NON-REFUNDABLE


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Email: puppies@cadeaucavaliers.com




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